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Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, there is a demand for new business solutions that reduce the risk of infection and make up for labor shortages.

In addition, robots equipped with artificial intelligence that can talk are suitable for safety as a non-contact solution for reception/guidance work, product explanation work at stores, and restaurants.

We offer a wide variety of robots that best suit the site.

smart locker

As the EC market expands, parcel delivery services are becoming smaller and more frequent. Additionally, the coronavirus epidemic has drawn attention to contactless secure locker solutions. Due to changes in lifestyles, delivery services for non-face-to-face, non-contact , and unmanned needs are expected to continue to expand in the future.

The locker style can be freely combined and configured according to various needs and spaces in the office, distribution, retail, and restaurant industries, and expansion after installation is also possible.

Puvio Face Recognition Alcohol Checker

From April 1, 2022, the Road Traffic Law was revised, and alcohol checks for white license plates became mandatory. Until now, alcohol checks were only required for “green license plates” such as those in the transportation industry, but with this revision, “white license plates” are also covered, so most businesses are eligible.
Therefore, we have developed the Puvio face recognition alcohol check system, which links a face recognition thermal camera and an alcohol detector. Not only can it detect alcohol, but it can also measure temperature, manage attendance, and centrally store and manage data.
We also have a lineup of portable types that support direct return trips, and we are developing services that can be used in any situation.

Unmanned store Puvio & GO​

The world has changed a lot in life and business due to the influence of corona.
In addition to the impact of the corona virus, Japan is facing a labor shortage due to a declining population.
Under such circumstances, it has become possible to realize efficient management through IT innovation.
In addition, the expansion of the e-commerce business is posing a threat to physical stores as consumers have fewer opportunities to make purchases at physical stores.
SGST will propose unmanned store Puvio & GO equipped with solutions such as SaaS of the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence technology and integrated data platform to Japanese customers.

Cloud type Puvio Ai electronic blackboard

Equipped with full 4K and cutting-edge AI technology, it is a next-generation cloud-linked electronic blackboard. It can meet the requirements of various conference activities and facilitate the sharing of in-conference dialogue.
In addition, by using the Ai meeting minutes function, conversations can be converted into text, and discussions can be shared immediately.In addition, meeting content can be analyzed and translated into Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Puvio Imaging Search System

“Puvio Imaging Search” is an optimal solution system that applies the latest AI technology to monitoring data based on camera image analysis for security management and marketing
. anywhere.
Superior cost performance can be achieved compared to conventional security systems.
In addition, by analyzing image search data for the purpose of marketing support, it is possible to clarify issues and find correct new measures to create new value between companies and users.

Biometric Gateway Service

As we enter the era of 5G and advance rapidly to the 6G era, the innovation and progress of AI technology will bring about diversification and quality improvement of IoT services.By connecting all “things” related to “people”, most of the services we “JuBY” will provide biometric authentication gateway functions to all Ai service systems in the future as a biometric authentication service
for the process of confirming the intention of “persons” to receive services provided by Ai.